Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Callie's First Easter

Callie's Easter weekend was eventful to say the least.  I don't work on Fridays or Mondays now, but somehow we always stay busy anyway!  On Friday, Callie went with me to dance and stayed at Mama Mac's house while I taught a solo for recital.  After we left the studio, I dropped her off at Mammie's house for an hour or so while I went up the road to gather some tax information from a client at my office.  Whenever we got home, Austin helped me put together a scavenger hunt for the next day at church.  I had most of the stuff I needed around the house, but what I didn't have I knew I could find at my mama's house because she keeps all the things.  

Callie spent the night with Mama Mac Friday night to give me some rest!  I knew the weekend was going to be cray and I would probably need it!  After a restful night, I went back to the studio Saturday morning to work with some girls that were trying out for Centralettes at EC!  Callie came and watched us!  I was excited to get my hands on her!  We went home and got ready to go to the church easter egg hunt.  Mama Jim went with us and we had lots of fun with our church fam.  I have one picture to show for it.

We chilled out Saturday night and tried to relax before a full day on Sunday.  I could NOT sleep on Saturday night.  I knew I had to get up and iron clothes the next morning and I really needed to choreograph some solo routines for Monday at some point on Sunday.  I knew it would be impossible, and I think that's what was keeping me up.  Instead of laying in bed awake, I got up and ironed Callie's dress and Austin's pants for church.  I just thought ironing Austin's clothes was torturous.  I spent 30 minutes on  Callie's dress and it still didn't look that great.  Not to mention, it was realllly wrinkled after she sat in the car seat for a few minutes the next morning!  I ended up getting a whopping 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night.

Whenever I got Callie up on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, she was looking at me like I was crazy.  She was good through church and did some napping.  We were unsuccessful at getting good pictures of Callie in her Easter dress before she spit up all over it!  I don't know how moms keep their kids clothes clean but maybe I'll one day figure it out.  After church, we sat around in the fellowship hall visiting and waiting on the men to cook breakfast!  

Before we left, we had a little Easter photo shoot in front of the church!
OH, and Blake and Callie had their first kiss.  Haha.  Callie doesn't look too thrilled about the situation!

At 2:00, we headed to my Mamaw Kea's for her Easter get together. but not before we stripped Callie down and caught her on camera smiling!  We attempted to nap, but Callie had other plans.  There really wasn't time anyway.
  Callie always seems to lose her bow whenever men are around.  I rarely put a bow on her without Austin making a comment about it cutting off the circulation to her brain.

I usually get a group picture with my camera at Mamaw's.  I bought a remote for my camera for our wedding photo booth and it has paid off a million times over!  Madilynn, Jennifer and Austin helped me get it set up! Love those girls!  And Austin too, I guess.
The whole sha-bang.  We are lucky to still have Mamaw Kea around!  She is one of a kind!  Whenever I think about Mama Jim's mom still being alive, it kind of blows my mind.  I hope I still have my mama whenever I'm 78!

Callie got some Mamaw Kea lovin.  I know I will hold these pictures tight one day!
We did lots of visiting and hid some Easter eggs for the kiddos.  Aunt Amy has her in this picture!  
And now Jake!  Whenever I looked out and saw Jake with Callie, my heart may have melted a little bit.  

Mama wanted to get another picture of our hands where you can see Mamaw's hand better!  Callie Taylor's sweet little hand is so precious to me!
I spent some time talking to the teenagers about their plans for the future and what they do on the weekends.  Oh to be sixteen again! 
After we left Mamaw Kea's house, we made our way to Mammie's for supper!

I got Jamie to take a family picture of us with Callie in her chicken suit!
We got a cousins picture against Joy's will!  Bless it.  You can't tell they weren't super happy about taking a picture!
We celebrated Poppa's birthday a few days early.  Callie was asleep and she woke up during the birthday song.  She was completely exhausted by this point!  We counted over 20 people who had held her that day!  She was wore out.  I debated cancelling my solo practices the next day because we were so tired.  I opted to go ahead and go through with it!  Callie was still snoozing on Monday at 11:00 whenever we left to go to the studio!  
Whenever we were finally finished with our to do list on Monday afternoon, I rocked Callie on the porch and we enjoyed having nothing to do.  She was still recovering from her weekend days later!
Our first holiday with our little love was a good one!  Everything is a little more fun with Callie around.  We love her so!

Monday, March 19, 2018

life lately

Callie Taylor has been on the go lately meeting all of mama and daddy's friends and doing all of the things we do!  She has been going with the flow and enjoying (I think) getting out as much as we have!  

Last Friday, my friend Sara and her boyfriend, Tim came to meet Callie all the way from Houston, TX! 
Sara was one of my three roommates whenever I lived in Orlando doing the Disney College Program.  We hit it off from the very beginning and I truly do not know what those three months would have been like without her!  Here are a few pictures of our everyday adventures in Orlando back in 2011.  Wow... long time ago!  
Here we are in the middle of a Scavenger hunt around the world at Epcot!

And this is one of the first days of our quest to find Hidden Mickey's!  We happened to be at the Grand Floridian in this picture.  (We unfortunately did not find all of the hidden mickeys on Disney's property but we did make major progress in the three months we had.) 

We have managed to see each other about once a year since then!  Sometimes more, sometimes less!  If you were at my wedding- she's the one who sang and everybody probably wondered where she came from.  Haha.  The last time I saw Sara was two years ago.  Austin and I went and stayed with Sara and went to the Houston Rodeo to see Brad Paisley.  That was our first little road trip after we got married. Anyway- I was so super excited to see her and get caught up on all the things going on in her life!  

We said our bittersweet "until next times" Saturday around lunch and Austin and I made our way to the church for a fundraiser for one of the youth.  It was the first time that a lot of our church friends had the chance to get their hands on Callie!  I only got this one picture of sweet Lila holding her!
After scoring some pecan cookies at the cake auction, we went to the Breedlove's for supper.  Baby Blake was there and he and Callie held a contest for loudest crying throughout eating supper.  J/K.  But Callie had gotten pretty fussy.  

On Sunday, Callie was good through church and whenever we got home, we took her 2 month pictures a few days late! 
She was really 2 months and 3 days.  (March 11th instead of March 8th)  Before I had Callie, I always wondered why moms posting their milestones pictures ALWAYSSSS say "a few days late but".... Well, now I know.  It is quite the hassle getting a decent picture of a baby, much less a baby that doesn't look like an orphan.  So after church was a good opportunity because we had made it through the service with no spit up and still looking half way put together.  #momwin
This little outfit was Joy's whenever she was a baby.  We have enjoyed all of the hand me downs!

We headed over to Mammie and Poppa's house Sunday afternoon to eat with the fam.  Callie wasn't too happy about getting in her car seat, but she decided it was okay! 

I happened to look up and see Baylor playing with Callie. 

I thought I was being sneaky taking pictures, but then he started smiling.  These kids know whats up.  They all gathered around Callie for a picture and I named it the easiest photo to organize, ever.
  It's usually a circus trying to get a picture!! Not everybody was looking, but so be it.  

Callie fell asleep next to her daddy whenever we got home and further proved that they are, in fact, twins. 
On Monday morning, Mama Jim rode with me and Callie to Union for Malorie to cut my hair!  I had intended on getting it cut before I had Callie because I knew it would probably be quite some time before I had another opportunity.  It had gotten so long and I do not have time to dry that much hair with a new baby before work every morning.
Callie ate while I got my hair cut.  Side note- Malorie got engaged this past weekend and we are SO EXCITED for her!!! On the way back through Philadelphia, we stopped by my office for the people I work with to see her for the first time!  

We went home for a little while and then made our way back to the studio for Morgan's solo practice.
  Callie looks so excited to be at dance!  #not  We went home after dance and got ready for my work week!  This weekend has been a little more laid back!  Austin was at home on Friday so I cleaned the house from top to botton and was still in my pajamas at 4:00 Friday afternoon!! #momlife
On Saturday, the weather was pretty and we went strolling and spent some time on the front porch.  But not before we took a few picture for Mammie!

Porch naps are the best naps!!

Saturday evening, my mom and dad came by for daddy to wash his truck at the shop by our house.  Mama volunteered to keep Callie for the night and let us get some sleep!  We dropped Callie off at mama's on our way to eat at the Rhinewalt's.  We stopped back by to give her goodnight kisses on our way home!!  It was a little difficult, but I could not pass up a good night's sleep!  And Callie slept from 11:00-6:00 for them!  Yay!!  Austin went to get her for church Sunday morning after I went to Sunday school.  I forgot to pick out her clothes before I left.  Fail.  He did decent though! #gooddaddy
Sunday after church, Callie went home with Mrs. Suzanne and I went in to work for a few hours and to get some groceries.  She woke up this morning around 6:00.  She went from 9:30pm-6:00am without eating!  She woke up a few times and wanted her paci, but I would call that a GOOD night!  We are well on our way to more sleep, praise the Lord.  

She has been napping most of the morning- long enough for me to write this anyway!  Side note- her daddy bought her this little outfit whenever we were expecting her!  I had to put a bow on her this morning to balance it out.  Haha.

Just before I finished publishing this, she had a blowout that required both of us changing clothes and started screaming for her bottle. #reallife

Until next time :)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

two months

I meant to write this at one month, but now Callie is two months old and I am just now getting a chance to write!  I think I've been putting it off because it is quite overwhelming.  So much has happened in so little time! Speaking of time getting by, I already wish I could go back and do it all over again.  Even the not so perfect delivery.  I am trying to slow down and take it all in as much as I can! She is still tiny, but she is growing so fast!

At my last sonogram before we had her, Callie was estimated to weigh a little over six pounds.  I had several weeks to go, so I was expecting an eight pound baby!  That was not the case-thankfully.  She was so tiny, practically nothing I took to the hospital fit her.  And turns out, I didn't really care what she had on in the hospital.  Before she was born, I was only concerned about her being cute in the hospital.  I spent too much time shopping for little hats with bows on them, because I couldn't bare the thought of her having on the hat that the hospital provides in all of her pictures!  I found a little white one at Apple Annie's and then went online to get a pink one!
She's worn them some, but I have a feeling she has already outgrown them!  They made me happy whenever I bought them though.  

After being in the hospital for two nights with little to no sleep, we were completely exhausted.  I didn't sleep on Sunday night before we went to the hospital, obviously.  That night we had been to Mrs. Suzanne's for my "last supper."  She cooked my favorite- grilled pork chops and baked potatoes! We took pictures and came home to finish up preparing for the hospital!
Whenever we got home from her house, I was still cleaning our house!  It was probably cleaner than it's been since we moved in!  I was definitely in nesting mode. We laid down at a decent hour and not long before midnight, I panicked about not being able to have anything else to eat until after delivery!  I went into the kitchen for some cereal and somehow dropped and broke a glass bowl.  It scared Austin to death and woke him up just as he was falling asleep-so he said.  Not long before that, I had dropped the shampoo in the shower and gotten the same reaction!  Anyway-minimal sleep for either of us on Sunday night.  We had to be at the hospital at 5:00 Monday morning, which meant we left home before 4am.  I was in labor all day Monday and she finally made her arrival at 6:13pm.  We didn't get into a room until after 9:00 that night.  She was sleeping pretty sound until we laid down to go to sleep, and then she was wide awake!
I could not get over all of that dark hair!!

Since they don't really take babies to the nursery anymore, I was up all night with Callie spitting up amniotic fluid.  Austin seemed to have no problem sleeping on the uncomfortable couch beside us!  In hindsight, that was a night I'll never forget, but I was really longing for some sleep. 
On Tuesday in the hospital there was no rest for the weary.  Somebody was
coming in at least every hour. 
We were such a mess by Tuesday night that we asked Callie's nurse to take her to the nursery!  Explaining that there was no nursery and she wasn't supposed to take her, she took her anyway and watched her overnight in the NICU.  Before she left with her, she asked if we would like her to bring Callie back to us whenever she wanted to eat.  I told her to keep her as long as she would!!  #iwassotired   She told us she would bring her back before shift change the next morning.  Hallelujah.  I ended up getting sick in the wee hours of the morning and not really sleeping good anyway, but at least I wasn't watching a newborn on top of that!

By Wednesday morning, we were ready to bust out of there.  Austin was going stir crazy to say the least.  Dr. Reeves came by early Wednesday morning, and we were on our way home before lunch.  If we had been a little more prepared to leave that early, I think we could have been gone sooner.

 The bow looks as big as her head.  Whoops.
I feared the ride home and how itty bitty Callie Taylor would like the car seat, but it was no trouble at all.  We were so scared of what she would act like coming home that we almost didn't make the fourth a mile trip over to Jackson Healthcare to drop off some paper work that was pretty important!  Her little outfit Mama Jim got her to come home in may fit her in 3 months... It was falling off!  We kept the bow on for the picture and then I put a little hat on her to keep her warm!  We went straight home and my mama beat us there.  Callie slept the entire way.

The first night we were home, mama and Mama Jim cooked us chicken nuggets.  Mattie and Jake came by after school and Daddy Jim came too.  Matthew came to get them before late and we all had supper.  We had a house full of family, and I'll always remember that! 

Callie was still a perfect baby at the time and never really even acted like she may cry unless I changed her diaper!  Whenever we left the hospital with her, we had only really heard her cry two times.  My mama stayed with us the first night to try to let us get some sleep.  I was wound so tight that even on pain medication I could only sleep really good for a couple hours.  We put the rock n' play by the couch for them to sleep and whenever we got up the next morning, Mama Mac was holding Callie.  Her response was that "she just likes to be held" and "I didn't want her to cry and wake ya'll up!"  That was Callie's first night at home!

On Thursday night, night two, Mrs. Suzanne came and stayed with us. 
We gave Callie a little bath for the first time and she screamed her head off.  We got the bathroom really warm and put her on a towel on the counter.  At the time, she hated to be naked.  I think it had more to do with being cold!  We were praying the cord would fall off of her belly button quickly so that we didn't have to do many more baths like that.  She was super cute in her little hooded towel anyway.

Friday night, Dennis, Beccy and Morgan came and brought us supper and visited.  I had started feeling pretty rough and was barely getting around whenever they came!  My daddy held her for the first time that night.

On Saturday, we trekked to Jackson for her check up at the hospital.  We met my nurse in the hall and she was so sweet.  It was good to see her under more normal circumstances!  We found out that Callie's jaundice level was on the verge of being high enough to treat and we were to come back a few days later.  We tried to get what little sunlight was available shining on her on the way home and over the next few days at home!  We stopped at Target on the way home that day to get Callie a sleep sack because I did not like not being able to cover her up.  I didn't want her to suffocate, but I also didn't want her to freeze and it was COLD outside.  We were struggling to keep our house warm!  Going in Target by myself felt like a vacation.... I bought myself some candy hearts and tried not to spend too long looking through all the things.

We went back on Monday whenever she was one week old and she got the all clear.  Thank goodness.  Mama didn't want to deal with the jaundice treatment.  This marked the beginning of week two!  This week started the "Meal Train" and we had lots of yummy food dropped off throughout the following two weeks.  I wish I had gotten pictures with all of the sweet people who came and visited and fed us!  In addition to the meal train from church, we had other friends and family making sure we were well taken care of!  Visitors were in and out and we enjoyed the people we love getting to meet our newest addition. 

Week two proved to bring out a new side of Callie!  She was suddenly fussy and sometimes inconsolable! At her two week appointment, we changed her formula to Gentle Ease and got her on Zantac and that seemed to help until a few weeks later whenever she was fussy again and never satisfied.  At five weeks, we have changed her formula again to Soy.

As far as a schedule, we do not really have one!  This child does what she wants, when she wants! I have tried a schedule and she just is not having it!  She does consistently go to sleep for the night after her last bottle between 8:30-10:00.

She had been waking up once around 1:30am and then again around 4:30 or 5:00.  More recently, she wakes up around 1:00 but I can give her the paci and she will go back to sleep until 3:30 or so. She wakes up for the day between 5:30 & 6:30.  It really isn't terrible, but mama loves her sleep! 

At first I was sleeping on the couch in the living room with her in the swing pulled up beside the couch.  We had tried the rock n' play beside our bed and she didn't like that!  So for about two weeks I slept on the couch with the exception of my mom coming to give me a break!  The first time I got back in my bed with Austin, I cried tears of exhaustion/relief.  I  guess I thought sleeping on the couch would last forever.  Sometime during week three or four we decided to try the rock n' play by the bed again and it worked.  In the beginning I was getting up to go to the kitchen each time I got up to feed her and mixing up her formula! After a few weeks of that, I started going to bed with what I needed and never leaving the bedroom. Austin somehow slept through all of that.  Since I have gone back to work, we have changed her formula AGAIN to ready to feed so I have to get up and go to the fridge most of the time.  And Austin has started getting up with us most of the time, too!  When she wakes up in the night, she never really cries.  I get the bottle ready before she is out of control and she usually just goes right back to sleep.  Before I went back to work, she would never go back to sleep in the rock n play after the second time she got up and we always napped in the living room until late in the morning. 
Now that she's a few weeks older, she is waiting until later to wake up the second time and she doesn't really go back to sleep.  And I have to go to work some days anyway! During my maternity leave and on my days off since then, we usually make sure we are awake in time for Hoda and Kathie Lee at 10:00!  They're my favorite.  Unfortunately, Hoda was out for the last few weeks of my maternity leave for the Olympics.  Bummer.

Before Callie was born, I was really worried about how I would handle 6 weeks of being at home all day, every day.  Pre-Callie, after a Saturday of being home all day, I was going crazy.  But things have changed, and I can honestly say I enjoyed all six weeks of being home with her and the time I've had home with her since then.  I went back to work after six weeks, but only three days a week. Without all of the help I've had, I may have been ready to go back to work!  We have been out of the house some, too. 
Callie's first outing besides doctors appointments was to Satartia! She was going on five weeks old and mama needed some sleep.  I knew with that much family around it could happen!   The second night we were there, my mama kept her in their room and let us sleep. It was fun having Callie on her first little family get away with the Freeny clan!  

I don't have picture evidence, but we took her to the Rhinewalt's that same weekend to watch the Super Bowl!  She went there before she went to Mama Mac's or Mammie's house!  That same week we took her to Mammie's for her 55th birthday celebration!

We went for her six week check up the day I went back to work so I only worked for half the day.  Mama Mac kept her and got her ready for us.  She weighed 8 lbs 12 oz at her check up.  She had gained two pounds since birth. 
Her jeans were a little tight, bless it. Mama Mac said next time, she needs a top that covers her booty!

The working mom thing is taking some adjustment, but I am thankful to be working part time!  The first day I left her, it was with Mammie. That was on a Tuesday.  She slept terrible Tuesday night and I was a zombie by Wednesday so my mom came and stayed with us and got up with her through the night.  I fell asleep in the recliner with Callie before my mom got to our house that night.  I ended up sleeping from 7 that night to 7 the next morning with the exception of moving from the recliner to the bed.  Never been so tired!!  By that Thursday after dance, I could not wait to get my hands on Callie.  Whenever I came home that night, she was screaming but I didn't even care!  Knowing that she is in good hands makes leaving her easier.  And I get lots of pictures through the day like the ones to follow:

We are loving this baby girl a little more everyday.  The bigger and more alert she gets, the more fun she is.  And it helps that we have finally gotten her formula straightened out so she is pretty happy most of the time!  I already catch myself remembering those first days and just how special they were.  I couldn't count the times I've watched the video I made of the day she was born.  I wish I could go back and relive that again and again.  I know I'll feel the same way about these days, too.  I'm going to attach a few more of my favorite pictures and try to blog again before another two months pass!